Welcome to NZXTSharp’s readthedocs page!

NZXTSharp is a .NET Standard package that facilitates interaction with NZXT devices. You can find NZXTSharp on, and the source on GitHub.

Docs here are organized by namespace.

NZXTSharp’s syntax is designed to be simple and easy to use, almost like python. The structure is built around devices, effects, and params.

Effects are created with params, and effects are applied to devices. Devices are the main point that the user of the SDK will interact with.

A basic getting started example with the Hue+:

using NZXTSharp;
using NZXTSharp.Devices;
using NZXTSharp.Effects;

HuePlus hue = new HuePlus();

Fixed effect = new Fixed(new Color(255, 255, 255)); // Create effect object
hue.ApplyEffect(hue.Both, effect); // Apply the effect